Diamonds are precious, so is your health!

A little about Zealandia Diamond MGO1000+

A rare harvest that only comes and goes as the seasons do. Zealandia Diamond is our entry level honey to our ultra-high grade range. It is a fantastic honey for targeted applications. The benefits definitely out-weigh the costs of this unique tasting honey. Deliciously potent with an intense flavour, that only comes from high concentration mānuka honey. It’s sweet and has bitter after notes that are very pleasing on the palate.

It is sufficiently matured to achieve the right balance of MGO (methylglyoxal) and DHA (dihydroxy acetone), the two key compounds in mānuka Honey. You don't want to heat this honey so don't use it in your tea or baking. 


Harvest information & beekeeping

The honey in our Diamond label is harvested from the southern side of the mountains near the Great lake Taupō along Whanganui river. The team of beekeepers entrusted with maintaining hives are passionate about working harmoniously with our bees and the beautiful locations around the region where they source pure mānuka honey of the highest quality.

Our trusted beekeepers take pride in nourishing the precious relationships between themselves, the bees, and the remote land where they work in order to produce premium high-quality mānuka honey. They are driven to care for the health, well-being, and growing populations of the bees while being committed to leaving nothing but our footprints when sourcing high quality mānuka honey with the aim of  preserving the wild and remote ecosystems of New Zealand.


Track & Trace

Each jar of Zealandia mānuka honey now has a unique QR code. Scan that code with your phone to access a raft of information guaranteeing the quality, purity, authenticity and potency of the jar of honey you’re holding in your hand.

Confirm the amount of Methyglyoxal in your honey, the MGO rating, the naturally occurring compound that gives mānuka honey its antibacterial properties.

Download scanned copies of signed laboratory test results for your batch of honey,  including its original MGO test, microbiology analysis results, and mānuka markers and DNA proving it’s pure mānuka honey. For peace of mind that you’ve bought a jar of genuine New Zealand mānuka honey, see Zealandia’s New Zealand Made certificate.

If you want to know more, you can explore a map of the region of NZ where your batch of honey comes from, learn more about that region, watch a video about Zealandia, and learn more about our sustainable packaging. Plus, you can check out pictures of Zealandia hives in the New Zealand bush, see our science team in action, and admire drool inducing product shots. Honey on fresh sourdough? Yes please.

Our Track & Trace initiative is not just about proving the purity, potency, and authenticity of our honey. Soon we’ll be able to track the journey of each jar from its hive in the New Zealand countryside to the country where you live, and you’ll be able to follow that journey every step of the way. And we’ll be able to check important things like the temperature the honey’s stored and shipped at, to ensure your jar reaches you in perfect condition for delicious spooning or spreading.

We’re not doing this because we love data (although we’re scientists, so we do), but because you’ve asked us to. More and more people are demanding food traceability.

For all the above reasons, we are excited to share the extraordinary benefits of Zealandia Diamond mānuka honey to the world. We have recently received an excellent product review for our Diamond label.  


“I have been sick for quite some time with multiple bacterial infections. I have been prescribed antibiotics by the doctors. However, due to continually taking them, I must have developed a resistance to the treatment. So I stopped taking the medicines and instead used Zealandia Honey Diamond label. The infection went away within 2 days. I am so happy with my purchase. It is money well spent”. - SP


So if you feel the need to be generous, go ahead and treat yourself. Zealandia Diamond is available for purchase from all Dr. Nutrition stores and our online store.